23 May 2019


The Innovation Mantra for Scale, Scope and Speed

DIGI_X is a platform for sharing real Kiwi stories of transformation and innovation and real world use cases of ground-breaking technologies in business.

The future of every Kiwi business lies in the use of technology and innovation to grow at scale and speed to become customer-centric and to find new revenue streams. And business leaders and owners must be able to lead innovation and drive the workplace and culture shifts needed to support these exponential changes.

Join us at DIGI_X to get the full picture around the successes and constraints in driving transformation in both SME's and large enterprises.

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Agenda – 23 May 2019

8.00 – 9.00

Registration & Networking – Tea and Coffee

Raw, Bold Artificial Intelligence Knocking on NZ Business Doors Now

9.20 – 9.50

Keynote: AI In The Real World: A Global Perspective With Tangible Lessons From The Field.

  • Global insights into what a true AI business looks like
  • The common challenges all industries face, and how they are being solved on the front-lines of adoption
  • What kind of culture shift is required for an ‘AI first’ mentality? Some key lessons from the road.

Rashida Hodge, Vice-President – Insurance Industry – IBM North America

9.50 – 10.15

The ‘Digital Humans’ Are Coming – But Is Your Business Ready?

  • The evolution of a ‘digital human’ – creation, implementation, application
  • Where, when and how to drive the acceptance and adoption of the digital humans in an organisation?
  • Addressing the ethical considerations of digital humans in the workplace

Victor Yuen , Head of Product – FaceMe

10.15 – 10.35

PANEL: What Is The AI Maturity Framework And How It Can Shape Your Ai Strategy?

  • How to measure AI maturity? When will AI be mature?
  • Does plug-and-play AI exist and will it work for Kiwi SMEs just beginning to explore AI?
  • How does NZ stack up globally on the AI maturity scale on average?

Rashida Hodge, Vice-President – Insurance Industry – IBM North America
Victor Yuen , Head of Product – FaceMe

10.35 – 11.05

Morning Tea

David or Goliath? A Tale of Two Very Different Companies

11.05 – 11.35

Self-Disruption To Prevent Self-Destruction. The Transformation Journey And How To Stay Ahead Of Disruption.

  • Which business function should anchor your transformation plan – is it marketing, operations, IT or is it a new product area altogether?
  • Who are the key stakeholders when facing a large-scale transformation plan?
  • The hidden risks that can derail your transformation journey.

Laura Maxwell , Chief Digital Officer – NZME

11.35 – 12.05

Kiwis Going Electric! How Smart Innovation And Common Sense Is Helping One Company Change The Whole Sector

  • The power of open source, automation, and agile innovation
  • Getting decisions right and wrong, and keeping things simple
  • The challenge to never stop innovating

Huia Burt , Co-founder & Director – Electric Kiwi

Tech in action – Driving transformation through meaningful technology

12.05 – 12.35

Your First Conversational AI Application – Reaching Beyond Uncertainty

  • Opportunities for Conversational AI in customer facing scenarios
  • Choosing the right platform and navigating towards your goal
  • Choosing the data sources that deliver concrete business objectives

Michael Lovegrove, Chief Executive Officer – JRNY

12.35 – 1.05

Usable Blockchain – Not Just For The Big Players.

  • Partnering with vendors and internal and external stakeholders in your business ecosystem through smart contracts
  • How blockchain can automate financial process workflows for significant improvements
  • Protecting your IP and data

Andy Higgs, General Manager of Strategic Partnerships at blockchain, Centrality.Ai

1.05 – 2.05

Networking Break – Lunch & Expo

2.05 – 2.10

Digital Diaries

Inspiring stories of the digital evolution of small business

Advancing your Culture and People – Enabling ownership across the entire business

2.10 – 2.40

Moving From An Analog To A Digital Culture – And Does Diversity Have Any Role To Play?

  • Is your business in analog or digital mode – the 3 telltale symptoms
  • The culture transformation metrics that are of key significance for your digital transformation planning?
  • Can diversity and inclusion unlock the skills constraints facing businesses in transformation mode?

2.40 – 3.10

The Gig Economy: A Fresh Perspective On Your People Strategy And The Future Of Work

  • The future of work is changing – what does it mean for your business?
  • Can freelancers and gig workers boost innovation and experimentation in your business?
  • Streamlining your processes through smart workforce management platforms

James Fuller, Chief Executive Officer – Hnry

Transformation as a continuum – Leadership and Strategy for an evolutionary era

3.10 – 3.45

PANEL: The Big Business Continuity Question – What Happens In A Post-Transformation Landscape?

  • Is it time to have a post –transformation, post-AI, succession plan for business leadership?
  • How to re-orient the business model and financial and product workflows to align with future exponential technologies?
  • Pre-empting the challenges facing NZ business around privacy and security in a futuristic landscape – and how to gain global competitive advantage

Pavan Vyas, Managing Director – Rush
Tim Pointer, Founder & Chief Executive Officer – Uprise Digtial
Arturo Pelayo, Innvoation Consultant

3.45 – 3.55

MC Closing


Rashida Hodge

Vice-President - Insurance Industry, IBM North America

As Vice-President, IBM North America – Insurance Industry, Rashida Hodge leads cross-functional teams enhancing customer engagement and driving digital transformation. She also has expertise in leading the strategy, execution and deployment of IBM Watson AI solutions for business.

Victor Yuen

Director of Design, FaceMe

As the Head of Product for FaceMe, Victor and his team are at the forefront of researching and developing an AI powered digital human platform.

Huia Burt

Co-founder & Director, Electric Kiwi

Huia Burt is a co-founder and director of NZ's fastest growing independent electricity retailer Electric Kiwi, and is responsible for its strategic initiatives.

Brett O'Riley

Chief Executive Officer, EMA

EMA Chief Executive, Brett O'Riley, has spent the last 10 years dedicated to the goal of growing the New Zealand innovation eco-system.

Michael Lovegrove

Chief Executive Officer, JRNY

Michael Lovegrove is the CEO of JRNY - a NZ based artificial intelligence company revolutionising the insurance industry with digital insurance brokers.

Andy Higgs

General Manager of Strategic Partnerships, Centrality.Ai

Andy is General Manager of Strategic Partnerships at blockchain venture studio Centrality.

James Fuller

Chief Executive Officer, Hnry

James Fuller is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hnry, an online platform that allows anyone to take advantage of the emerging gig economy, without worrying about the financial admin that goes along with it.

Rebecca "Q" Walker

Experience Lead, Uprise Digital

Rebecca "Q" Walker is a researcher, designer and speaker originally from the Boston area and currently the Experience Lead for Uprise Digital in Wellington.

Laura Maxwell

Chief Digital Officer - NZME

Laura Maxwell is the Chief Digital Officer at NZME and a key player in the organisation's transformation journey. She has a deep understanding of the media industry with over 25 years of experience as a leader in this space.

Tim Pointer

Co-Founder and Manager - Uprise

Tim made the exclusive list of Forbes 30 Under 30 List for Asia Pacific in 2016 for the meteoric rise of Uprise. He has an uncanny sense for getting digital marketing right through his focus on performance marketing.

Pavan Vyas

Managing Director - Rush

Pavan describes himself as energised by leading and working with the talented team at RUSH during the company's exceptional period of growth.

Arturo Pelayo

Innovation Consultant

Arturo helps organisations with tools, coaching and insights to allow them to thrive and to deal positively with unstoppable change.

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DIGI_X is calling..

The Fanboys

Are you the one always regaling your colleagues with stories of the latest AI robot, are you a fan of the Blackmirror TV series and do you swear by online shopping. Well you are propbably the future of your organisation.

As your organisation transforms, its important you can leverage your natural proclivity for digital to becoming part of the new and innovative core in your workplace. Just make sure you take enough notes to impress your boss with the business rationale behind your innovative digital ideas!!

The Leaders

You know how to lead your people and build a new culture and digital innovation can help you transform your organisation to offer new customer experiences and new products and services at renewed scale, scope and speed.

You are probably a bit amused around all this hullabaloo around digital. But you know it more than anyone else, that there is no substitute for good business acumen. By combining your natural leadership abilities and expertise with a fundamental business understanding of today's new digital ecosystem, you as a leader are set to win big for your business.

The Experts

Transformation has landed on your desk. You understand technology, the systems and the processes that are the backbone of your business. You lead and manage teams that deliver the annual targets and also undertake new projects and initiatives across marketing, IT, communications, operations and services.

You can see with clarity where cloud technologies and smart analytics could replace your spreadsheets and reports, social media could become your main communications channel and intelligent technologies and connectivity could revolutionise your backend operations and supply chain.

Venue and Location

EMA Business Hub

145 Khyber Pass Rd, Grafton, Auckland 1023

Parking Information

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